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Oilfield Services

Transfac Capital Oilfield factoring Offers the following services to the Gas and Oil industry


Oilfield Invoice factoring

Most businesses in the Gas and Oil industry could make more money if they had more of their money. Funds could be used to hire more people or purchase more efficient machinery, drillheads,etc.., purchase product and supplies at a discount, or generally increase sales. However, many Oil companies have thirty plus days of sales tied up in accounts receivable. Factoring solves that by funding cash on invoices immediately instead of having to wait thirty days, sixty days or more.



Oilfield Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Cash flow in a business is not always the same from day to day or week to week. Many companies have sporadic cash needs at different times in their business cycle. A Line of Credit using Accounts Receivable can smooth out cash flow and allow the business to be most efficient with its financial resources.



Oilfield Inventory Factoring

Carrying large product inventory to service oil industry customers can create a cash flow problem. We can finance that inventory, along with the accounts receivable factoring, to reduce strain on daily cash flow.



Oilfield Purchase Order Factoring

If a Gas and Oil client experiences a significant delay between an order and its completion, their cash flow is affected. We can advance funds on a purchase order and when the invoice is created, finance the account receivable. The client will be able to pay the expenses and service their customer.



Oilfield Factoring  Accounts Receivable Management

Gas and Oil Accounts Receivable Management Service for businesses and AR Assist for lenders are designed for situations where a Gas and oilfield business does not need funding, but does need the professional accounts receivable management that a company with over six decades of experience like Transfac can provide.



Oilfield Factoring  company Debtor In Possession (DIP) Financing

Oilfield Companies receiving DIP financing have a shorter reorganization period and are more likely to emerge from the Chapter 11 process quicker. Transfac Capital’s experienced staff and legal team have provided DIP financing to several oilfield companies including gas and oil trucking, manufacturing, and gas and oil service companies. Transfac Capital can be your solution and will provide DIP financing up to $5 million dollars.



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